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Welcome to my online portfolio!

As a multi skilled creative with a diverse background, I always find it difficult to market myself and services. With Formal Education in Fashion Design and Commercial Photography along with Chef Training. Over 10 years in the Apparel and Retail Industry as well as over 10 years the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, my career has lead me on many adventures. From culinary roles across Canada, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales, Communications with international clients to business development with a startup in North Africa. My freelance work has spanned over 10 years with various creative projects and collaborations with many artists, photographers and other creatives. My passion for surfing and beach lifestyle had led me on some travel adventures and career pivots, breaking my freelance into higher gear. As freelance can be inconsistent or occasionally teeth pulling with payment chasing. I tend to jump back into a 9-5 corporate job from time to time to maintain a higher standard of living, update my equipment, to feed my freedom lifestyle and enjoy a bit of stability.

I have started to compile various previous work although I cannot always publicly show some work as I have signed non-disclosures and respect my client’s privacy and wishes. I tend to give a taste of my skills and creative style. I love working with independent clients and the creative challenge of a lower budget sometime forces us to take. But always strive to provide the highest value to my client’s and their needs. As I am adaptable and resourceful I always try to find the best way to find solutions that add impact and value to their business.

As it is a continuous ongoing process to publish work, attract new clients and maintain repeating clients along with a nomadic lifestyle, my goal is to continue to update my website as often as I can.

Look forward to sharing new work and collaborating on new and exciting projects!

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