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Product Photography – Studio Portfolio Creative

While studying at Dawson College in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We were assigned for our final project to create a series for Portfolio work. We were given parameters to follow and choose a genre of photography to specialize for this project. Due to my limited time constraints as I was working full time as a designer, I choose Product as it is something I enjoy but also the flexibility to be creative with a malleable subject without the logistics or scheduling of a live model. I was highly inspired by the work of the photographer Nik Mirus, who was using bright coloured backgrounds and harsh shadows that were more avant garde at the time. Since then this style has been mimicked into mainstream fashion and no longer innovative but I loved the use of color and graphic aesthetics as my graphic and design background was comfortable in this style.

My artistic background and fashion design education loves creative direction and the entire series were by my own art direction, lighting selection and execution with limited assistance. While the post production and layout could have been improved I feel confident about the overall results of this series. It had even attracted a high fashion retail business for a work opportunity.