About Me

Thriving on the excitement of a new challenges and an endless seeker of knowledge and experience has broken the conventional boundaries of career and learning leading me to succeed in many roles and projects.

Hi There! I’m Susan Paige, a creative professional with specialized training in design, photography and marketing.

I love helping people and always keep in mind what’s best for the business, whichever business I am collaborating with. My personal values and ethics hold me accountable to try to keep the integrity of my work and honesty with my team members and clients. Failure leads to success, but my proactive attitude and analytical thinking looks for problems before they arise, using my versatile skills and experience to forecast and plan accordingly. My creative skills and resourcefulness allow me to do so for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Let’s collaborate to bring your project to it’s fullest potential.


Hours training in design


Years of work experience

Creating Customer Testimonials in Real Time

Combining lifestyle photography and customer relations to capture the value behind your business.

Forget the staged photoshoots, models and makeup artists. I use real-life situations, natural lighting and actual customers to create images that capture the true value of your product or service. What better way to convey to potential clients with happy customer reviews with professional photography.

From design to marketing.

Formally educated with an Advanced diploma in Fashion Design, studying an extensive 3 year program including Apparel Construction, Trend Forecasting, Industry Analysis, Textile Science, Illustration and Design leading a successful career in the Apparel Industry working with vendors and manufacturers with recognizable brands, high end boutique designer labels such as Parasuco, Renuar and the largest North American Retailers such as Wal-Mart and Costco. A personal interest in photography led to the Continued Education in Commercial Photography , learning the technical, legal and business practices of the photography industry.

A natural transition from apparel design and project management into graphic design and marketing coordination and ultimately business development and entrepreneurship.

From bootstrapping to hundreds of thousand dollar marketing budgets has helped me understand allocating resources, data analytics and marketing strategies for various levels of business with specialization in startups, branding and small grassroots organizations.